siang mien

Your face is a mirror to your destiny

Siang Mien is a discipline that means literally face (Mien) and Reading (Shiang). It has been used in the East since ancient times for various purposes, covering much more than the known physical or mental welfare of the individual. In China the ability to read the face is treated not as art or technique, but as a science. The Chinese observe carefully the faces of friends and family to try to get more information than they have been transmitted through the words.

This form of facial reading includes not only the recognition of disease, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, but also can determine significant aspects of personality and character of an individual. However, the master of Siang Mien goes further and is even able to discuss the fate of a person.

Destiny can mean choice, a fork in the road of your life where decisions have to be made. For Chinese face readers, a person is never a victim of their own destiny but one to give life to the body.

Siang Mien remains important, despite the great persecutions and prohibitions based on ignorance at different times, as it is very effective in determining the feelings, thoughts and intentions of individuals. Looking closely we can know a person, if they wish. Also, do not forget that over the centuries, the face has always been a reflection of the human soul!