Alvaro Matiz

Teacher at Face Reading Academy
Spain / Latin America

About me

Alvaro studied Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Economics. He has worked during more than 20 years in technology-related areas both in Europe and America and at the same time, being interested in healing methods to improve people's quality of life and energy levels.

He is a certified Life and Corporate Coach since 2009 and has traveled the world during his whole life to learn about different fields as Pure Land Buddhism, Advaita, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bio and Neurofeedback, Face Reading, Yang Tai Chi and Yoga Ashtanga. His experience has allowed him to develop a program to improve people's health and energy combining the latest technology and Eastern and Western ancestral knowledge methods.

Alvaro is a certified instructor of Yigong and Healer by Sifu Jenny Lamb from the Eastern Internal Arts Institute as well as a Physiognomy and Micro-Expressions Expert Certified by Eric Standop, founder of the Face Reading Academy. He is currently based in Bogotá, Colombia, where he offers a range of services in Latin America and Spain including: Yigong Training, Natural Healing Counseling, Face Readings and Life and Corporate Coaching, both in English and Spanish. 

I see you.
Alvaro Matiz