Caroline Nitsch

Teacher at Face Reading Academy

About Me

Having started her career in the commercial sector, Caroline Nitsch worked as an assistant to the board and the management before assuming responsibility for human resources in various human resources departments.

As a Bachelor Human Resources, Business Administration and Examiner for various commercial training professions, her daily business is dealing with people in very different, even critical situations. Also, the years of training at various institutions in the fields of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) for Systemic Coach I and NLP Practitioner DVNLP and DISG, Insights MDI, body language, gestures, facial expressions and face reading are helpful in dealing with their fellow human beings.

In the numerous employee-, criticism-, feedback talks and job interviews, it is a valuable help to actually be able to perceive the true self of your conversation partners. When working at the Face Reading Academy, it is particularly important to her to show people with which "business cards" everyone walks around every day and the meaning of body language expressions. The teaching of the different techniques within the various seminars and trainings is her strength too.

I see you.
Caroline Nitsch