Patrik Binaghi

Teacher at Face Reading Academy

About Me

Who are you? This question has occupied me intensively over the last five years. And even today I have not found a definitive answer. But face reading (especially the Chinese face reading, also called Siang Mien) helps immensely here and ensures that this gap can be closed more and more with increasing self-knowledge. As a kid I was very extroverted, always wanted to be in the center of attention and entertain the people around me. A small bundle of energy that was permanently on the move, active and never tired. The older I got, the more I was influenced by society and the little energy bundle became a quiet and inconspicuous teenager, for whom discipline and diligence suddenly became the supreme motto. I completed the study of economics with ease and was now ready for the big wide (business) world. For more than ten years I worked successfully in Private Banking and was able to develop my analytical skills as well as the handling of facts and figures. A time I do not want to miss.

Changes and experiences are known to bring people closer to themselves and you suddenly start to question certain things. The question of the meaning of life was suddenly very present and ultimately led to the fact that I signed up for a mental coaching training and was trained to become a certified personality coach. The confrontation with myself has shown me that there must be more than "just" numbers, facts, budgets, etc. On the contrary, I was allowed to experience that soft skills such as empathy and intuition also make up a part of me and these skills are very useful in sharing and collaborating with people. I was not sure how I would like to do that. The question of the purpose of existence remained unanswered. But at that very time I * accidentally * came across the Face Reading Academy and the face reading and this encounter has really driven me once again in my personality development. My initial goal was to learn this ancient language as quickly as possible, to see through my fellow human beings - be it at work and / or privately - and to benefit / interact with them. All good, but I realized quite quickly that there would be something much more important at this time than the look in the other's face: the look in the mirror. Because only your own face tells you where you come from, who you are and what your life's purpose is. By paying more attention to my face, I have learned more and more about myself and my talents, which ultimately led to my life purpose: The Messenger.

As a lecturer and speaker of the Face Reading Academy (Switzerland) I teach, advise and inform people in the fields of physiognomy, facial diagnostics, Siang Mien (Chinese face-reading) as well as facial expressions, gestures and body language. As the messenger, I want to bring this ancient knowledge back to the people and draw attention to it. It is also my deepest desire to accompany people on their journey through life and to bring them closer to their true nature, life content and talents. I use face-reading to help people find support, balance and guidance in their private and professional lives.

"Reading faces is more than just looking at the other person's face. It is a millennium-old language that allows us to understand others better and not to condemn their actions, but to accept them in the first place. Face reading promotes interpersonal, intuition and empathy - an ideal balance in the age of technology. The language of the face creates distance as well as proximity. Anyone interested in promoting their own social skills should learn that language. "

I see you.
Patrik Binaghi