Svenja Schupp

Teacher at Face Reading Academy

About Me

I am a naturopath and state-recognized speech therapist.

Early on in my life I was interested in medicine. My professional career has not always been linear but always medically oriented.

I started my first education as a midwife student, later I did another speech therapy training, part of my education was in neurology at University Hights in the USA.

During my training as a speech therapist, I trained as a shiatsu therapist at the International Shiatsu School Switzerland and Austria and got to know and appreciate the Far Eastern medicine there. After that, I completed my medical practitioner exam in 2012 and did some further training.

In my Shiatsu training, I came into contact with face reading for the first time. At the time, I did not attach so much importance to the whole thing. Later, after giving birth to my children, I came face to face again. This time in the form of a nutritional consultation with the face reader Eric Standop. This advice was far more than nutritional advice. Topics such as personality and character were also discussed. After the implementation of the advice, I felt fit and vital again within 4 weeks.

I was convinced that I also wanted to learn it. So I started my face reading training with Eric Standop and became the first European woman to do the Face Reading diploma.

As a lecturer at the Face Reading Academy, I want to teach people the language of their face.

I am particularly fascinated by the connections between traditional Chinese medicine and face reading.

My interest is in the story that the face tells about the personality, health and life purpose. How everything is connected and influences each other. Considering the lifestyle and the talents, this story is always written down and influences our health. Face reading is like tracking. In my studio in Karlsruhe, I practice face reading, shiatsu, acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and nutritional advice.

With the knowledge of my medical and therapeutic education and the face reading, I can advise people individually and give recipes and treatment plans related to their health problems.

I see you.
Svenja Schupp