Thomas Bauer


About me

My turbulent life shaped me a lot. I've lived in addiction for a long time and I know what it means when you're deep down, but it led me to the following realization: It's not about the situation that happens to me, but about what I do with this situation.

About 5 years ago, I met my teacher Eric Standop.

After just a few minutes, Eric could tell me more about me than I was aware of. This method is called 'Speed Reading' - the quick look in the face. From that point on, it was clear to me that I also wanted to learn to read people in order to understand them better.

Now I am a lecturer at the Face Reading Academy in Austria and thus a pioneer in face reading.

Based on my experience and my training in coaching, Trinergy NLP and the life and social counseling I accompany many people anyway and support them.

Through face-reading and body language I am even more deeply connected with people. I accompany people who want to come to terms with themselves, want to know more about themselves, have difficulties in the relationship or at work and even more topics. This kind of face reading is very extensive and intense.

In addition, I have been teaching non-verbal communication in negotiations, sales, stress management and personality development for several years.

Everyone is a face reader, but most of them read subconsciously. Make it conscious, sharpen your perception and be mindful. That's what I teach my students too.

I see you.
Thomas Bauer


Thomas Bauer tells a story, which he experienced through face reading (German)

Thomas Bauer conducts a face reading on a volunteer (German)