What your Face reveals about 2022!

Face Reading does not make prophecies. Therefore, it has no means of 'fortune telling.’ That said, there’s an old technique that combines Feng Shui-based Chinese Astrology with Chinese Face Reading, Siang Mien that can be used to make a prognosis for the coming year. Feng Shui Masters, who are also Face Readers in China, use this technique  to make interpretations that give a personalized look at what’s in store for you in 2022. Now, we give you the unique opportunity to receive such a reading wherever you are.

What do you get from a New Year Reading?

You send us three pictures of yourself: one frontal and two in profile. Eric will look closely at the pictures, make notes and then record your New Year Reading as an audio file. He will look at the relevant regions of your face, compare them to the life phases according to face reading, and then interpret what the phases mean to you and your personality.


Phases of the Year

According to Chinese Face Reading, there are different life phases a person passes through. That's how your face reveals a different phase for each month of the New Year. Eric will tell you which phases are held in  your face.



The clues in your face must be interpreted since the phases can mean something different for each individual. Eric will look at the phases in your face and interpret what those phases mean for your personality.


Audio Recording

Eric will record your New Year Reading as an audio file and our team will send you a link to download the recording.

Who is Eric Standop?

Eric Standop - Face Reading Academy - Read the Face

Who is Eric Standop?

13+ Books in
Multiple Languages

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in 18+ Countries

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Face Reading mastered

Face Reading and Facial Diagnostics Expert, Eric Standop, left his high powered job in the entertainment business over 15 years ago to master face reading as an ancient art form, as well as a cutting-edge diagnostic tool for modern facial analysis and face recognition

Today, he is the only face reader in the world who can seamlessly employ the many methods of face reading such as Facial Diagnosis, Physiognomy, Siang Mien (Chinese face reading), Micro-expressions, Lectura del Rostro (South American Face Reading) and even Body Language, to process the immense amount of information that our face can reveal. 

13+ Bücher in
mehreren Sprachen

Studenten & Standorte
in 18+ Ländern

8+ Techniken des Gesichtlesens gemeistert

Don't wait too long!

Reading the New Year in a face can only be done during a short time frame before and after the Chinese New Year, which is on the 1st February this year. So get yours now before it’s too late.

Book New Year Reading

400.00 USD (including VAT)

Please keep in mind, that it could take up to 14 days to receive the audio.

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