we hide behind our facial expressions, yet our face reveals everything

Welcome to the life changing world of face reading. Every face is unique and as individual as the owner’s personality and character. It reflects health, character and your soul. Faces speak volumes. The knowledge of face reading enables you to understand the different signs of a face.

Faces display deficiency, malnutrition and diseases at an early stage. Moreover, you can recognize a person’s character, the strengths and talents and even thoughts, true emotions, life’s vocation and destiny can be revealed by a face.

Discover the ancient art with Eric Standop. Understand the techniques and philosophies that have been successfully used in many different cultures for thousands of years. The knowledge of facereading enables you seeing the world and peoples’ faces through different eyes. 

Eric Standop is the founder of the ‘Face Reading Academy’. He is working and inspiring people all over the world. Teaching and supporting police, therapists, decision makers and entrepreneurs. His advices are based on the faces of his clients.

Services for you are:

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