Benjamin Santana

Teacher at Face Reading Academy

About Me

The Chinese philosophy often speaks about three levels, which form a unity together, in which man finds fulfillment. These three levels are represented by the earth, the people and the sky.

On Benjamin's way to face reading, various factors were involved and accumulated to a positive approach that distinguishes him. In doing so, he knows how to bring in knowledge and experiences from other areas of his life that reflect through these three levels his passion and love for this time-honored tradition and philosophy.

The Earth plane is Ben's profession. Early on, he entered the world of IT and worked with various banks. During this time, he developed the ability to quickly integrate into the business world and work with people and companies of international origin.

The human level is expressed through his enthusiasm for salsa dance. As a salsa teacher he has already trained thousands of students in dance and won their hearts for salsa. He has developed his many years of experience into didactics, which he conveys with great joy and heart and teaches in his own dance school "Salsa Auténtica". As a teacher of so many people, he became very aware of the individuality and individual strengths of each and he developed a curiosity to discover them.

With his interest and the commitment to understand people even better, Benjamin went in search of further skills and continued training and education in the skills of communication, argumentation, NLP, body language and facial expression reading.

But he did not find the answer to his questions until he discovered Face Reading - the level sky! Face Reading inspired him because it is precisely the ability to see people in their individuality, to recognize and uncover their strengths and talents.

Since then, Benjamin has been working intensively on this topic, incorporating his acquired skills, experience, creativity, and understanding of human nature into the art.

Since he believes that the Path of the Face Readers can not end and he is aware of the philosophy and tradition of this art, he has devoted himself fully to this path and understands his main job as a lecturer of the Face Reading as a student who is constantly developing and developed. Therefore, he wants to share his knowledge and passion with all those who pass on to those who are enthusiastic and interested in this new yet ancient knowledge.

Let yourself be enchanted and learn to see people with different eyes - time-honored and yet in a fascinating way very innovative and modern.

I see you.
Benjamin Santana