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About me

Face Reading and Facial Diagnostics Expert, Eric Standop, left his high powered job in the entertainment business over 15 years ago to master face reading as an ancient art form, as well as a cutting-edge diagnostic tool for modern facial analysis and face recognition.

After a chance encounter with a Face Reader in Cape Town that drastically altered his views on how clearly one could see, and understand, another human being by simply looking at the face, Eric set out to learn the range of face reading and facial diagnostic practices from around the world. 

Today, he is the only face reader in the world who can seamlessly employ the many methods of face reading such as Facial Diagnosis, Physiognomy, Siang Mien (Chinese face reading), Micro-expressions, Lectura del Rostro (South American Face Reading) and even Body Language, to process the immense amount of information that our face can reveal. 

The face is a book that one writes a lifetime, and Eric reads the multi-dimensional aspects of an individual such as: personality, hidden talents, strengths and weaknesses, love and relationship styles, nutritional deficiencies and illnesses, and perhaps most importantly, what you were meant to do in your life, and where you might be headed. His astute diagnostic abilities on a wide range of human conditions have made him the go-to advisor for powerful decision makers as well as individuals who seek to better understand themselves.

Are you ready to clearly see and understand yourself?

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany, Eric now travels the world speaking, advising and writing.

I see you.
Eric Standop


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